Guardian, NYTimes, TVN – veganism vs. climate.

22 lipca 2023

The major mainstream media have published the results of a study by the British scientific community on the vegan diet.

„The new study was conducted by researchers at Oxford University and published in the journal Nature Food on Thursday. According to its authors, it is the first to clearly show the differential impact of a meat-rich and meat-poor diet on the environment. The BBC, in presenting the study, stresses that reducing meat consumption by people who eat large amounts of meat could have the same effect on the environment as the disappearance of 8 million cars from the roads. (…) Their estimates show that as much as 16.78 square meters of land per day and 890 liters of water are used to provide food for a person eating large amounts of meat, while a vegan diet requires only 4.37 square meters of land for one person and 410 liters of water.”

The fact that mainstream media are beginning to report on the impact of a vegan diet in the context of environmental protection, biodiversity, climate catastrophe is hugely important to the public debate. Usually on the pages of major portals we find ads for meat, dairy, eggs and a recent article in Gazeta Wyborcza supported the activities of the meat lobby.

Credit: unsplash