Honorable mention at the World Vegan Film Festival Asia!

26 maja 2023

The documentary 'Listen to Vegan Meals’ (prod. 2022) was awarded at the 8th World Vegan Film Festival Asia in Indonesia! The production was recognised as inspiring, spreading awareness and educating. 

’Listen to Vegan Businesses’ is the second documentary produced by the Green REV Institute. The reportage profiles people building the healthy vegan food market in Poland, showing their motivations, dreams and plans for the future.

The report is available on YouTube

The protagonists of the film are representatives of the companies:

  • „Listny Cud”: Matylda Szyrle, Izabela Zięcina
  • „Polsoja” and „Well Well”: Katarzyna Gębala, Piotr Poniński
  • „It’s Bean”: Paulina Barros, Kasia Siczek
  • „Yoush”: Artur Wiktor, Zbyszek Skwarski
  • „FoodTech ac.”: Piotr Grabowski, Michał Piosik

Photo: Unsplash