Insects as animal feed? We say NO

11 listopada 2022

Together with NGOs from all over the world we call IFC’s to stop supporting insect farming. We are writing to share concerns about IFC’s support for the insect feed plant InnovaFeed in Indonesia and Malaysia.
InnovaFeed will produce animal feed. As such, the company will be a supplier for the unsustainable industrial livestock sector. The industrial livestock sector impacts almost all the SDGs and the Paris Climate Agreement goals. This includes the SDG2, which aims to end hunger and increase food security, one of the stated goals of the IFC for the InnovaFeed Project.

We therefore urge the IFC to channel its money to truly sustainable food systems, instead of financing industries that enable the expansion of the industrial livestock sector, which has such detrimental impacts on the sustainable development goals and the Paris climate agreement goals.

Foto: canva