Joana Oliveira – #3 international workshop

22 kwietnia 2023

The third international meeting of the Green Advocacy Academy took place on 18 April (Tuesday), a pilot project co-funded by the European Union. A group of 50 people from Poland and Finland took part in a panel entitled „Bringing food system transition at the local level”. On the part of the expert speakers, the participants were:

  • Joana Oliveira – Vice-President and Campaign Manager of the Portuguese Vegetarian Association (AVP). She has been in the coordination and development teams of many projects and campaigns such as: “Green Protein”, a policy-oriented project that aims to promote a shift towards a more sustainable food system in Portugal; “Canteens’ Vegetarian Option”, an analysis on the reality of the behaviors and perceptions of Portuguese citizens concerning plant-based menus in public canteens in Portugal, and their level of availability.

Green Advocacy Academy is a project co-funded by the European Union under Erasmus+. The project is aimed at people aged 14-24 from Poland and Finland. The project consists of 2 national workshops, 5 international workshops and a study trip to Brussels, where participants will meet decision-makers and people representing NGOs.

Photo: Joana Oliveira