June 26 – AGRIFISH Council

25 czerwca 2023

Agriculture ministries from across the European Union are meeting tomorrow.

Among the topics of the meeting will be:

(a) sustainable use of pesticides – following a progress report by the Swedish presidency, ministers.y will exchange views on the proposal for a regulation on the sustainable use of plant protection products (SUR).

(b) Fark 2 Fork strategy- (informative summary).

c) Trade-related agricultural issues – on the basis of information from the Commission, ministers will exchange views on trade-related agricultural issues.

d) Fisheries – Common Fisheries Policy and fishing opportunities for 2024 – Ministers will discuss the Commission’s communication on the state of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP/Common Fisheries Policy) and fishing opportunities for 2024.

(e) Management of EU fish stocks (informative summary). Sustainable fisheries in the EU: current situation and directions for 2024 (Commission communication).

f)Sustainable fisheries and aquaculture. The Council will seek to approve conclusions on the Commission’s fisheries policy package, with a focus on a sustainable, resilient and competitive fisheries and aquaculture sector.

Credit: unsplash