Let’s talk about a vegan hospital – EVS Talks

17 lipca 2023

Tomorrow (18.07) at 18:00, the next episode in the EVS Talks series entitled. „Vegan hospitals – why does public health start on a plate?”. The guest on the podcast hosted by Lena Anna Kuklinska is Georges G. Hayek, founder of Lebanese Vegans and the first vegan social hub in Lebanon. Georges is also the owner of Hayek Hospital, a vegan hospital in Lebanon.

The episode will address the following concerns:
– What was the motivation behind the creation of a vegan hospital in Lebanon? 
– Will vegan meals become an integral part of hospitals of the future around the world? 
– How can the example from Lebanon inspire and expand food system transition efforts? 
– How can we work effectively to introduce vegan meals in hospitals despite the meat and dairy lobby? 

EVS Talks episodes are available on the European Vegan Summit YouTube channel – HERE

Source: Unsplash