London’s first borough to back the Plant Based Treaty!

20 stycznia 2024

The borough of Lamberth has become the first London borough and the 22nd worldwide to endorse the Plant Based Treaty to tackle the climate crisis, biodiversity, access to healthy food, health crisis and other challenges we face as humanity. In Poland, the Plant Based Treaty campaign is led by the Green REV Institute.

As part of its activities, the municipal council will calculate and reduce emissions from the food system and promote and increase access to plant-based food. Elements of the Plant Based Treaty are to be integrated into the borough’s existing programmes, plans and strategies.

The municipal council emphasises that promoting and increasing the availability of plant-based food is an essential element for addressing food poverty among residents and increasing food security. At the same time, plant-based food will have a positive impact on the health of the population and reduce emission levels.

For more information, visit the Plant Based Treaty website: LINK

Photo: Unsplash