Loss of vegan milk with the AGRI Commission

27 marca 2023

On Wednesday (22 March), the European Parliament’s Agriculture and Rural Development Committee voted on the School’s scheme for fruit, vegetables, milk and dairy products. The vote resulted in the defeat of ambitious measures for a sustainable food system. As part of the vote, MEPs voted in favour of increased funding for the Scheme and greenwashing solutions, i.e. more organic milk.

In total, unfortunately, only two MEPs within the AGRI Committee spoke in favour of supporting food system transition and moving away from an animal-based food production: MEP Francisco Guerreiro and MEP Anja Hazekamp. The 42 other MEPs supported the allocation of funds to animal milk production, i.e. the factory farming.

This means that funds under the Schools Programme will continue to support factory farms, biodiversity loss, civilisation diseases and the exclusion of pupils in schools.

Photo: Andrew Skowron / We Animals Media