Meeting of the Parliamentary Group – Parents for Future

6 lutego 2024

On 1 February 2024, a meeting was held as part of the Parliamentary Team 'Parents for Climate’. As part of the Meeting, we addressed the safety and quality of today’s food:

Morgan Janowicz, Partnership Coordinator of the Green REV Institute: „I would like to emphasise from the outset that a just transition of the food system is also and especially a just transformation of health, which will not leave anyone behind and which will not succeed without doctors and physicians and the entire medical workforce. This means that doctors and physicians will stand in their surgeries on the side of sustainable food and the transition to healthy plant-based diets.

Today, we are doomed and condemned to mediocre food. Food produced using our taxes, food from factory farms, zoonotic food, in theory cheap, in practice its cost is not only financial – it is our health and lives.

Nor do those who offer help – the European Union’s School Milk, Vegetables and Fruit Programme sponsors, at a cost of almost PLN 45 million a year, the distribution of milk and milk products, purchased without any criteria concerning, for example, origin from organic farms, in almost 12 000 schools in Poland. We know because we asked the Agency for Restructuring and Modernisation of Agriculture about the purchase criteria.”

Photo: Unsplash