Meeting on food poverty – quantitative and qualitative

9 maja 2024

Green REV Institute addressed the issue of food poverty, both quantitative and qualitative, during a meeting of the Standing Subcommittee in the Parliament and called for access to healthy, sustainable food.

On 8 May 2024, the Green REV Institute, initiator of the Future Food 4 Climate Coalition, which works for food system transition, participated in a meeting of the Standing Subcommittee on Food Safety, Elimination of Unfair Food Trading Practices and Direct Selling and Retailing of Farm Produce. Also participating in the discussion were expert speakers Iwona Kibil, nutritionist and member of the Green REV Institute Expert Council, and Director Katarzyna Lipka-Szostak and Dr Marta Czapnik-Jurak from the Federation of Polish Food Banks.

Morgan Janowicz, Green REV Institute: „Over the last few months I have been supporting local organisations at REV to organise the food debate and dialogue with local communities around our plates. In 2024 alone, the Green REV Institute has organised 10 such debates with local partners. A theme that worries, concerns and at the same time unites is quality food poverty, the consequences of unhealthy food, limited access to sustainable local food and the concern of all of us about whether what we eat, what we buy provides us with health and is an investment or contributes to our illnesses and poses a risk.”

Photo: Unsplash