Meeting with the Ombudsman’s Office

16 grudnia 2023

On 14 December, the Our Ombudsperson Initiative’s Environment/Climate Team held a meeting with Deputy Ombudsperson Valeri Vachev. During the meeting, civil society organisations presented their demands. The Green REV Institute and the Future Food 4 Climate Coalition presented demands regarding the right to live in a clean environment and access to vegan meals.

Also present at the meeting were representatives of the Office of the Ombudsperson: Anna Białek, Head of the Division for Fundamental Rights and Freedoms in the Constitutional, International and European Law Team; Małgorzata Żmudka-Wyrwał, Chairwoman of the Problem Team for Sustainable Development and the Environment at the Ombudsperson’s Office; Małgorzata Żera from the Administrative Law Team; Błażej Domagała from the Civil Law Team; and Adela Gąsiorowska, who leads the dialogue with social partners.

Photo: We Animals Media