MEP Dr. Sylwia Spurek and Green REV Institute at the Women’s Congress!

9 października 2022

The first day of the Women’s Congress is behind us!

Member of Parliament Dr. Sylwia Spurek, founder of the Green REV Institute, took part in the plenary session at the 14th Women’s Congress yesterday in a session entitled. „How to break the marasm of the Anthropocene? The hopes of ecofeminism.”

In addition to MEP Dr. Sylwia Spurek, the discussion was attended by Beata Kowalska, Ph.D. Prof. UJ Joanna Hańderek, Joanna Erbel, Joanna Maria Stolarek. The discussion was moderated by Paulina Januszewska.

In the debate, the necessity to act on the transformation of the food system, women’s cooperation in the joint fight against the challenges of the 21st century such as the climate catastrophe, climate denialism, the lack of political debate on moving away from livestock production and rural development, resounded clearly.

Photo: Unsplash