Morgan Janowicz – Nothing about us without us

24 listopada 2022

Morgan Janowicz, Partnership Coordinator and board member of the Green REV Institute at the I Food Safety Forum said:

„I would not want my generation to be relegated solely to a position of street activism. And here I don’t want to be misunderstood – of course, protests, demonstrations are very important in democracy, but I and many of my colleagues want to realistically participate in decision-making. We are graduating, gaining experience in NGOs, we are active internationally and we want to act in systemic way. We want to be partners and associates for decision-makers, participate in debates, we want to be visible in the media, we want to be able to run in elections so that we can increase our influence on issues that are crucial to us – human rights, animal rights, climate, biodiversity.

Without us, it won’t work, because we will be the ones to finish this change. Nothing about us without us, because this change is about my generation. Just as democracy without women is not democracy, democracy without my generation will never be democracy.”

Foto: Jakub Wosik