Morgan Janowicz on COP27

26 listopada 2022

„My call for the Climate Summits is very clear – let’s turn them into Science and Activists Conferences of Presidents. Let’s listen to the needs of people living in different parts of the world, let’s create a map pf damages that shows who is polluting, what are the possibilities to repair the damage and prevent further damage. A comprehensive climate audit that takes into account food, transportation and energy is the basis for further action and a map of polluters and their victims the foundation for building strategies longer than the terms of office of those in power. We need to determine the scale of alarm caused by unsustainable agriculture and meat, dairy and egg production, the scale of destruction of the fossil fuel and transportation sectors. Develop a food poverty map, a transportation exclusion map and an energy poverty map. The scale of damage and risks can be determined today by scientists together with activists and representatives of the non-governmental sector. Where governments fail and political courage limits and blocks reform, the duo of science and activism must act.”

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Photo: unsplash