„Nothing about us without us” – Dr hab. Magdalena Dudkiewicz 

10 marca 2023

The event will already take place on 14 March (Tuesday) and will include two panel discussions:

„Nothing about us without us – young people for a green transition”;

„Nothing about us without us – a just green transition vs. the 2023-2024 elections”.

The event will bring together 18-35 year olds, activists, expert speakers, people involved in human rights, women’s rights, LGBTQIPA+ rights, animal rights, climate activists and activists.

Expert speakers will include:

Dr Magdalena Dudkiewicz – Doctor of Social Sciences, Prof. UW 
in sociology, researcher, didactician and trainer in the field of socio-cultural animation, civic activities, local communities, social PR and implementation of research projects. Evaluator of social programmes.