„Nothing about us without us” – Małgorzata Szadkowska

8 marca 2023

Green REV Institute, the Future Food 4 Climate coalition in collaboration with the UK Embassy of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is organising an offline event entitled. „Nothing about us without us”. The event will take place now on 14 March (Tuesday) and will include two panel discussions:

„Nothing about us without us – young people for a green transition”;

„Nothing about us without us – a just green transition vs. the 2023-2024 elections”.

The event will bring together 18-35 year olds, activists, expert speakers, people involved in human rights, women’s rights, LGBTQIPA+ rights, animal rights, climate activists and activists.

In the role of an expert speaker will be:

Małgorzata Szadkowska – President of the Polish branch of the international organisation Compassion in World Farming, member of the Expert Council of the Green REV Institute. Leads Compassion Poland since 2015. Coordinator and spokeswoman of the Fur Free Retailer anti-fur campaign in PL, a project present in 25 countries. Member of the European citizens’ committee „End of the Cage Era”. She has 15 years of experience in PR, communications and campaigns.

Photo: Małgorzata Szadkowska