Open Climate Day – 12 December!

12 grudnia 2023

Open Climate Day – join online on the Green REV Institute Facebook page

Open Climate Day is dedicated to the topics of the right to live in a clean environment and the right to sustainable food.

The event will seek answers to key questions on climate, environment, healthy, ethical food.

10:30 – 12:30 I Roundtable: the right to live in a clean environment:
The 1st Roundtable will focus on analysing and discussing the realisation of the right to live in a clean environment. We will begin with an introduction by an expert speaker, Professor Piotr Skubala, and a presentation by Bartłomiej Gawrecki (REV), who will give us a legal and environmental perspective on the topic. The session will be moderated by Professor Piotr Skubala.

13:30 -14:30 Roundtable II: The Right to Sustainable Food:
Roundtable II will focus on issues related to the livestock sector and the right to sustainable food. An introduction by an expert speaker, moderation by Paulina Januszewska and a presentation by Morgan Janowicz will provide us with valuable insights into the legal and climate, and social aspects of a sustainable food system.

The event is organised by the Green REV Institute and the Future Food 4 Climate coalition in collaboration with the UK Embassy of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and expert and activist speakers.

Photo: Unsplash