Open letter to Civic Coalition

29 maja 2023

On May 26, we sent an open letter from more than 30 civil society organizations and scientists to the leaders of the Civic Coalition regarding the PiS Plough Up the Countryside campaign.

„Rural areas in Poland include more than 15 million people who do not want to live in the vicinity of industrial farms. Residents who deserve access to fresh air, clean water and healthy food. Industrialization and intensification of agricultural production, while supported by public funds, particularly under the Common Agricultural Policy, have led to a situation where non-human animals are treated like objects and biomachines, and a system that should ensure food and food security and build resilience to and combat climate change is destroying biodiversity, human rights and animals. The scientific community alarms that we need to make systemic changes and move to plant-based food systems and the European Commission itself points to the need for urgent reform for public health, climate and the environment.

Therefore, we appeal and call on you to have an honest, transparent, science-based and empathetic public debate. Politicians must not think in terms of a single mandate. They should not build their image based on divisions, stereotypes and promote meat consumption and livestock production for the sake of short-term poll results. They cannot build the image of the Polish countryside by supporting the lobby of the animal industry, and it is the duty of politicians to support and notice the people, the residents and inhabitants of the countryside, who have the right to live in a clean environment. To conclude our appeal, we call on you to notice the suffering of so-called farm animals, depicted in your campaign in a grotesque way, objects, as parts of a meal, mascots or simply animated drawings.”

Credit: unsplash