Plant Based News: 5 for the plant-based sector

11 grudnia 2023

In 2021, MEP Dr Sylwia Spurek presented „5 for the plant industry”:

  1. banning advertising of meat, milk, eggs;
  2. abolition of promotion funds for these products;
  3. establishment of a fund to promote veganism;
  4. „Climate and animal rights” classes from kindergarten onwards;
  5. 0% VAT on meat, milk, egg substitutes.
    As part of the Green REV Institute’s expert commentary for Plant Based News: „No political party has entered into dialogue on this issue.”
    As Green REV Institute COO Anna Spurek adds: „REV has been fighting at EU level for years to make the Common Agricultural Policy a Common Policy, not a Meat and Dairy Policy.”
    On 5 December 2023, document number 607-a proposal for a new regulation on changes to the labelling rules for different types of foodstuffs-was published on the website of the Government Legislation Centre. Organisations interested in expressing their opinion on the regulation had exactly 1 day to send in their position.

REV: „This is not a dispute about reliable information for consumer people. This is a fight for the place of vegan food on shop shelves.”

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