Plant Based School in Łódź!

13 kwietnia 2024

On 20.04 we invite you to Lodz, to Niebostan for the Lodz premiere of Green REV Institute’s reportage titled. „Dining on Despair” combined with a moderated debate on the broken food system.
The event will be held as part of the European Vegan Summit Talks 2024 – a series of events in localities across Poland, providing a platform to discuss the need to transform the food system in the context of the future of our planet and its inhabitants.

„Dining on Despair” is a film analysis of our plates, which combine climate, health, ethical and social catastrophe. The film presents threats, but also solutions and hope for change, and weaves a story about the future – about the right to access safe, healthy, sustainable, plant-based food in public institutions.
Credit: unsplash