Plant Based School in Śródmieście

7 lipca 2024

On the initiative of Julia Zimmermann, Councillor of the Srodmiescie District in Warsaw, Vice-Chair of the District Council, the Education Committee will check the needs of schools in the implementation of the obligation to provide students with one hot meal per day (Article 106a of the Law of December 14, 2016 – Education Law), including the possibility of providing students with meals free of charge and in accordance with their individual nutritional needs! In 2022, we conducted a survey on the implementation of school food needs and responsibilities, and the results were alarming. Inspection and verification activities in the area of realization of the right to healthy, balanced meals are undertaken by the Supreme Audit Office, Prof. Marcin Wiącek, the Ombudsperson addressed the Ministry of Health regarding the quality of nutrition in educational institutions and the right to meals in accordance with nutritional needs!

Julia Zimmermann is an ally of the Plant School Program, a Warsaw resident , a graduate of the Institute of Applied Social Sciences at Warsaw University, a social activist, and a politician for Razem Party.

Credit: unsplash