Plant Based School in Szczecinek!

12 kwietnia 2024

On April 20, 2024, the Plant Based Horizon: Health and Food Debate event will be held at the Lakes Revitalization Center in Szczecinek, combined with a screening of the film Dining on Despair – a series of debates on the food transition system in Poland. The debate will be combined with the screening of the Green REV Institute’s latest reportage titled. „Dining on Despair”

Participation is free, please fill out the form:

On behalf of the Kaczuchy Journalism Foundation, Green REV Institute, Future Food 4 Climate coalition, we cordially invite you to a meeting on the food system and local solutions for healthy, sustainable food. During the event, we will discuss the Plant Based School Program and its demands – food policy, education for healthy food, the right to sustainable food, countering food waste!

Credit: unsplash