Plant School. Ombudsperson for Children’s Rights

27 lutego 2024

We addressed the Ombudsperson for Children, Ms. Monika Horna – Cieślak, with a request and appeal for support for the actions of the Green REV Institute and the Future Food 4 Climate coalition regarding the right to access plant-based meals in educational institutions.

„Access to sustainable, vegan meals and food education in the context of the climate crisis, biodiversity, public health, animal rights and human rights are fundamental to shaping schools and kindergartens that are gas pedals of civil society and democracy. Schools build a space for preparing student persons to co-create, co-shape reality and create an environment in which young people learn, pursue their passions, engage, acquire competencies and knowledge. At the same time, educational institutions must uphold the rights of the child.” We look forward to your response!

Full text of the letter

Credit: Stan Baranski photography