18 października 2022

Industrial animal husbandry relies heavily on the use of the fertility hormone PMSG. The PMSG hormone is primarily used to synchronize the „production” of animals and increase efficiency. All sows can be artificially inseminated at the same time and give birth on the same day. As many piglets as possible can be sent together for fattening and later for slaughter.

“PMSG is a supporting hormone in industrial pig farming. It produces large litters at pre-arranged times, ”explains Sabrina Gurtner, project manager of the Animal Welfare Foundation (Germany). This has serious consequences not only for pigs but also for pregnant mares. The hormone is extracted from their blood.

Since 2015, the Animal Welfare Foundation (AWF) and Tierschutzbund Zürich (TSB) have been reporting on the cruel conditions prevailing on South American blood farms. As a result, four out of five European pharmaceutical companies stopped importing PMSG from South America. In October 2021, the European Parliament called on the European Commission in a resolution to stop the import and production of PMSG in the European Union. „As is often the case, the will of the EU Parliament fails due to the inaction of the EU Commission,” says Sabrina Gurtner.

An informative and awareness-raising video about the production of PMSG has been posted on our Facebook page.

Photo: Unsplash