Polish vegan businesses are changing the world. „Investments in the future”

11 lutego 2023

The portal published an article by Klaudia Urban on the movie The Vegan Business Talks, the second Green REV Institute production.

„I dream of a round table with Mr. Czarzasty, Prime Minister Tusk, Szymon Holownia and Prime Minister Morawiecki. Such an honest political examination of conscience – why don’t we want to invest in the plant sector? Why aren’t we building a Sustainable Food Department and turning a blind eye to more & more factory farms? Why are we condemning citizens to unethical, unhealthy food, when we have great socially and climate responsible entrepreneurs in Poland? – asks Morgan Janowicz, Partnership Coordinator, rhetorically. She adds that the reportage should reach decision-makers first and foremost.

The lack of a proper conversation about food system change is fueling a vicious cycle of deforestation, biodiversity destruction, civilization diseases and antibiotic resistance. Nearly 80 percent of the world’s agricultural land is used for animal agriculture. Yet they produce only 18 percent of global kcal. – Does anyone in power speak clearly about the fact that about 2/3 of the EU’s grain production and 70 percent of oilseed production is for animal feed instead of for humans? The war in Ukraine, the granary of Europe, should teach us that it’s time for local, plant-based, sustainable food, not building and supporting the factories of suffering, pollution and stench that are animal farms – Anna Spurek, COO Green REV Institute.”

Photo: unsplash