Politicians inquire about fish protection

15 grudnia 2022

Dr. Tomasz Aniśko, MP for the Civic Coalition (Green Party), addresses the government with questions on the protection of fish during transport and sale! The politician raises questions about the issues raised at the Roundtable on Fish as Farmed Animals, and launches a discussion on strengthening the legal protection of fish.

„The transportation of fish as live animals is extremely important from the point of view of Article 1(1) of the aforementioned law, according to which „an animal, as a living being capable of feeling suffering, is not an object.” According to the aforementioned regulation, the transportation of live fish should differ significantly in terms of its standards from those for the transportation of things.

Another issue is the problem of killing live fish intended for later sale. In my opinion, there is a considerable deficit in terms of comprehensive regulations on the humane killing of fish.

In connection with the above, I kindly ask for answers to the following questions:

Does the ministry perceive inadequacies in the regulation and practice of fish transportation in Poland?
Does the ministry plan to submit a draft of legislative changes to improve the welfare of fish in the context of their transportation and killing?
What public administration body is currently responsible for controlling the regularity and legality of transporting live fish and killing them?
How many entities have had their licenses for transporting live fish revoked due to the infliction of suffering during the transport?”

Full texts of the interpellations: on the transportation and sale of fish, on the sale of live fish.

Photo: Andrew Skowron/ We Animals Media