Position paper on the censorship of plant-based substitutes

26 stycznia 2024

The Green REV Institute has sent a position paper on legislation to ban the production and marketing of food and feed consisting of, isolated or produced from cell cultures or tissues derived from vertebrate animals, and to ban the labelling as meat of processed products containing plant proteins. The position paper was sent as part of the TRIS – Technical Regulations Information System consultation.

In the position paper:

  • Recent research indicates that consumers correctly distinguish between plant-based and meat-based burgers. They are not confused by plant-based products labelled with meat-sounding names such as 'nuggets’ or 'burgers’. The vast majority, 96.4% of respondents, said they chose the product consciously. More than 80% took it for granted that a product does not contain meat as long as it is labelled 'vegan’, 'vegetarian’ or plant-based’.
  • Decision-makers have a particular responsibility to ensure that any such changes are socially just and well-managed, and do not compromise food security or result in a more unjust world for social minorities, including women and indigenous people.”

Full version of the position paper

Photo: Jakub Wosik / Local Vegan Bistro