Premiere of the White Paper: The Stench, Blood and Tears. Turn on thinking, be the change.

13 października 2022

White Paper. „The stench, blood and tears. Turn on your thinking, be change. ” The new publication of the Member of the European Parliament, Dr. Sylwia Spurek.

As the author of the report states on her website:

“The food system is responsible for around 25-30% of global greenhouse gas emissions. This percentage is comparable to the share of the energy sector. Why are the old political parties not talking about it? Why are international, European and national climate action strategies extremely gentle with this system? This, of course, is only part of the problem: the agricultural industry is more than just a source of climate change. It is difficult to find any other element of politics, economy and social life that influences our lives to such a large extent and has such a significant influence on our future. It is difficult to find a more important political problem today. „

The publication therefore deals with important and still neglected socially topics – the victims of the animal industry, human and non-human. This book is a white book of livestock sacrifices.

Photo: Unsplash