Round table & premiere – Zuzanna Kowalczyk

30 stycznia 2023

The 4th of February will mark the premiere of the Green REV Institute’s latest reportage titled „The Green REV Institute. “The Vegan Business Talks” – a documentary movie showing the builders and creators of the healthy, vegan food market in Poland. We will learn the story of brands such as Polsoja/Well Well, Listny Cud, It’s Bean, Yoush and and the motivations behind their co-founders and founders.

At 12:30 p.m., the public is cordially invited to a Roundtable on 'Local government, business and science on a common path to a sustainable food system’. The event will be moderated by Zuzanna Kowalczyk – journalist, head of the Economics and Technology section of the monthly magazine Pismo. The roundtable will be attended by people representing the local government side, experts and business.

Streaming will take place on FB Green REV Institute