prof. Marcin Wiącek for plant based meals! #PlantBasedSchool

19 kwietnia 2024

Ombudsperson Professor Marcin Wiącek has appealed to Health Minister Izabela Leszczyny regarding detailed requirements for collective nutrition in hospitals and broadly defined educational institutions. We have been intervening on meals in hospitals for a long time, REV’s appeal to the Ministry of Health has been supported by more than 40 organizations and people from the scientific community. The Ombudsperson’s speech shows that institutions are beginning to act in the area of the right to healthy food. Food we all deserve, whether we are in the hospital or at school.

Ombudsperson’s General Speech

In a speech dated April 3 this year prof. Marcin Wiącek points out:

  • the need for the Ministry to intervene for the health of schoolchildren, male and female patients and also to ensure the right to balanced meals for those on a plant-based diet.
  • the problems reported by NGOs in the enjoyment of wholesome meat-free meals in educational institutions (meat-free meals are to be available in the form of the elimination of certain elements of meals, without replacing them with alternatives);
  • the need for the Ministry of Health to issue a regulation specifying the requirements applicable to the conduct of mass catering in hospitals and educational institutions conducting mass catering, to ensure healthy, balanced meals.
    Credit: unsplash