Prof. P. Skubała. Council for Nature Protection

23 marca 2024

Professor Piotr Skubala, an expert of the Green REV Institute Council, has been appointed to the State Council for Nature Protection under the Ministry of Climate and Environment. Professor Skubala is a professor of biological sciences, Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Silesia, ecologist, acarologist, author of hundreds of scientific articles, environmental ethicist, environmental educator, conservationist, climate activist.

„Never in the history of humanity have we as a species been at such a time and place. Never during our existence on this planet have we faced such a challenge. How many more warnings, appeals, analyses will be needed from global science for politicians and business to finally take action to give us a chance to continue our safe existence on Earth?” Prof. Piotr Skubala, Safe & Just Report.

Credit: Jakub Wosik