Prof. Tadeusz Pomianek. Food Safety

16 lutego 2024

Join us for a conversation as part of our EVS Talks series. Food Safety.
REV’s guest was Tadeusz Pomianek, Ph.D., Prof. of UITM, President of UITM – the originator, main creator, long-time President of the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow. Prof. Tadeusz Pomianek focuses on educating the human resources needed for a market economy and democracy, now, due to climate and civilization threats, he focuses on developing solutions important for a safe tomorrow for people.
As „Safe and just Earth system boundaries” points out: Losing the Functional Integrity of Agricultural Ecosystems and Cities Below the Safe Planetary Boundary would reduce food productivity, the ecosystem’s ability to mitigate natural hazards, pollution and nutrient loss, and increase reliance on harmful pesticides and biocides and the ability to choose alternative land uses. At the same time, UNEO’s „What’s cooking” report stresses that global demand for animal protein is increasing, and that the current animal husbandry system is directly contributing to the worsening climate crisis, pollution and biodiversity loss.
We will talk to Professor Tadeusz Pomianek about threats, challenges to the climate and environment, but also hope in the context of agriculture and the food system. Will we be able to construct a future for food solidarity? Please visit the Facebook profile of the Green REV Institute
Credit: Prof. Tadeusz Pomianek