Protein Diversification – European Protein Strategy

2 kwietnia 2024

An informal meeting of EU Ministers of Agriculture is planned for early April 2024 to discuss the issue of EU strategic autonomy in protein (European Protein Strategy). Greater strategic autonomy for the European Union in protein production is important and crucial for the climate and the environment, including the prevention of land use change in third countries, for public health, and above all for farmers and women farmers in Poland and across the European Union.

Undoubtedly, diversification and transition to production systems, promotion and use of plant proteins for humans must be the basis of action by member states and the EU itself to ensure and guarantee adaptation to climate change, build agricultural resilience and Community food security.

As the Green REV Institute, we have submitted a position paper on the diversification of protein production and the transition to plant-based systems to the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Czeslaw Siekierski and to the attention of MPs responsible for food security and livestock production as well as other government ministries.

„The transition to plant-based protein production for humans is undoubtedly the most important challenge of the coming years. Food security, food safety and the prospects for the development of Polish agriculture and Poland’s place on the international stage as a leader in the production of healthy, sustainable food depend on the actions of the Polish government and the ministry you lead. Failure to act will reinforce Poland’s infamous position as a country of large-scale farms, poor quality of life and public health, and low commitment to building resilience and adapting to climate change. In addition, livestock production today is one of the risk factors for human health and thus for Poland’s export position. We call for action to diversify proteins and to include social partners in the creation of strategies to support the plant sector.”

Credit: European Parliament