Public consultation on National Plan for CAP

2 grudnia 2022

We have submitted our position on the Strategic Plan for the Common Agricultural Policy (2023-27) as part of the ongoing consultations of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Our main comments:

1.There are no instruments envisioned for interventions related to the environment, climate and other governance commitments that would lead to a reduction in animal production as high-carbon and environmentally and climate damaging;
2.There is a lack of any definitions related to „sustainable crop-animal production” under eco schemes;
3.Incomplete treatment of animal welfare payments in the context of practices that improve animal welfare;
4.There was no provision for strengthening the competencies of control institutions aimed at maximizing the protection of farmed animals, or no provision for the creation of such institutions.

The Common Agricultural Policy must be a tool for transitioning to sustainable, green, fair food production with respect for animal rights, human rights and addressing climate challenges. The CAP in Poland is more than €25 billion in public funds for 2023-27.

Photo: unsplash