Recommendations – Fish welfare

29 marca 2023

From October 2022 to March 2023. Green REV Institute implemented the project „Bringing fish back to water during the elections”. The project included the organisation of 4 roundtables with expert parties, activist individuals and representation from civil society organisations during the 2023-2024 election marathon. The aim of the project was to bring fish as sentient beings into the public debate. 

All expert speakers, speakers and speakers highlighted that fish are overlooked, invisible and forgotten in the debate on animal welfare, suffering in industrial farming or even the impact of fish farming on climate, environment and public health. „Fish welfare – bringing fish back to water during the elections” was substantively supported by attorney Karolina Kuszlewicz, an expert in animal rights and welfare legislation.

With expert support, recommendations were drafted and submitted to decision-makers, political party authorities, local authorities, politicians with a request and a call to notice fish, to include fish as sentient and suffering animals in the public debate and to take action to protect and improve the fate of fish in the food production system.

Photo: Andrew Skowron / We Animals Media