REV and Plant Based Treaty – call to MEPs

2 listopada 2022

After the EP’s COP27 resolution we remind Members of the European Parliament of the role of food system transformation for the climate. The European Parliament has adopted a resolution ahead of the COP27 Climate Summit in Egypt. Unfortunately, the role of agricultural recovery and the food system were treated marginally in it.

That is why we are writing to MEPs about the just transformation of the food system and the need to consider the role of a sustainable food system for the planet, people and animals.

In the letter, together with the Animal Save Movement, we call on decision-makers to:

  • Support the European Commission’s proposal for a legal framework for sustainable food systems;
  • Support the Plant Treaty, the first global treaty to fix the food system and protect human and animal rights. The Plant Based Treaty is modeled on the Fossil Fuels Treaty and is the first global roadmap for a green, equitable transformation of agriculture and the food production sector;
  • Incorporating the role of green, equitable transformation of agriculture and the food production sector into the work of climate, planet, animal and human action.

Photo: European Parliament