REV at the Freedom Games

16 września 2023

On September 16 (Saturday) 15:30 we invite you to a debate with Morgan Janowicz. The welfare of so-called farmed animals will be discussed by Karolina Chodkowska, Morgan Janowicz, Karolina Kuszlewicz and Aleksandra Ozimek. The discussion will be moderated by Magdalena Galkiewicz, a candidate for the Sejm from the Civic Coalition list, vegan and Dziewuchy Dziewuchom activist.
Morgan Yanovich: ” The welfare of farmed animals is a question of transforming agriculture and the food system. Without a transition to plant-based systems, it’s hard to talk about animal welfare – we need to take animals off the plate.”

Streaming on Facebook of the Freedom Games and the Green REV Institute.

Credit: Freedom Games