REV in Political Criticism – about food in Veganuary

6 stycznia 2024

We invite you to listen to a new episode of the Political Criticism podcast „Vegans stole January. Will they manage – all of 2024?”. A conversation about fixing the food system, the right to live in a chaste environment and access to healthy food.

The conversation with Editor Paulina Januszewska features Morgan Janowicz, Partnership Coordinator of the Green REV Institute and Coordinator of the Future Food 4 Climate Coalition.

As part of the podcast, we hear about the action of the lobby, which is supported legislatively and financially, the activities planned for 2024 by the Green REV Institute and the Future Food 4 Climate Coalition, and the future of plant-based successors to meat, dairy and eggs.

The podcast is available to listen to on platforms:

Krytyka Polityczna



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Photo source: Unsplash