REV x Green, Just Europe

17 września 2023

A coalition of 5 European organizations has published a landmark document entitled „Plant-Powered Politics: Europe’s Shift Towards a Plant-Based System.” The report analyzes the Plant-Based Transformation of the food system for Europe and outlines a range of policies to support this transformation.

Behind the NGO coalition is the Citizens’ Movement for a Plant-Based Transformation of the Food System, which works to repair the European Union’s food and agricultural system. At the forefront of this movement are the following organizations representing various EU member states: the Green REV Institute (Poland), the French Vegetarian Association (France), the Danish Vegetarian Association (Denmark), Compassion in World Farming (EU branch), and the Portuguese Vegetarian Association (Portugal). These organizations have been building the debate around a sustainable food system, our food choices and production methods for years. Now they are calling for the adoption of the „Plant-Powered Politics” report as a roadmap for a plant-based transformation of the food system and a fix for a system that today pollutes the environment and destroys human and animal life. The rationale is clear: protecting ecosystems and preserving life as we know it requires this critical transformation.

Credit: AVP