Revolution or necessary change? Vegan food in schools

24 stycznia 2023

January 23 this year Parents for Future organized a discussion on student nutrition in educational institutions. Bartek Gawrecki (advocacy coordinator for Green REV Institute/ Future Food 4 Climate) spoke about the legal aspects of mass catering and systemic change for sustainable, healthy, plant-based food. Future Food 4 Climate has addressed more than 20 local governments with petitions, interpellations on the availability of vegan meals and the introduction of local food policies. Agata Lewandowska (Parents for Future) spoke about the climate and environmental costs of animal food in schools and kindergartens, while Dr. Małgorzata Desmond spoke about the need for a balanced, well-prepared diet for schoolchildren.
Bartek Gawrecki stressed that in the case of mass feeding, the transition to plant-based systems is a necessary change and not a revolution.

Photo: unsplash