Round table entitled „Fish as so-called breeding animals” on October 25 at 18:00!

21 października 2022

Green REV Institute invites you to a round table entitled “Fish as animals called hodowlane ”organized as part of the ongoing project“ Bringing fish back to water during the election ”.

During the meeting, we will talk about fish as animals, the so-called breeding. The issue of fish farming is neglected in the public debate. The fish are invisible, mute and unprotected. Aquaculture in Poland is over 44,000 TONNES of fish killed annually. The European Funds for Fisheries program amounts to over EUR 500,000,000 of EU support in the years 2021-2027. How does fish production affect the environment? climate? feed production? water level? It’s time to give the fish their voice back.

The project „Bringing fish back to water during the elections” consists of 4 round tables. We will invite both the decision-making party and the representatives of the activist and expert side to each meeting. As part of our discussions, we want to broaden the public and political debate on the rights and welfare of fish and the impact of fisheries and aquaculture on biodiversity, health and climate.

The debate will be attended by experts, activists and decision-makers:

  • Prof. Andrzej Elżanowski – Zoologist, bioethicist, author of over one hundred scientific papers, President of the Polish Ethical Society, associated with the Faculty of „Artes Liberales” at the University of Warsaw;
  • Dorota Sumińska – a trained veterinarian, a passionate observer of life on earth. For several decades she has been working to make people aware of the subjectivity of other species;
  • Mateusz Orzechowski – climate activist, founder of the collective „Climate Copernicus”, involved in the fight to protect non-human animals. Secretary of the National Board of the Young Left and representative for climate and environment;
  • Robert Lisiewicz – A graduate of law at the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics of the University of Wrocław. Member of the Green REV Institute and the coordinating team of the LGBTQ + Friendly School Ranking. He is actively involved in the issues of climate change, inclusive language, as well as human and reproductive rights;
  • Sylwia Łyskawka – a graduate of the University of Southampton and King’s College London, where she studied marine biology with oceanography and hydrology: science and management., EU Young Ocean Advocate, Member of the National Development Council – Youth Council at the President of the Republic of Poland;
  • Lena Anna Kuklińska – Student of transnational law at the University of Göttingen. Intern in the office of the MEP, Dr. Sylwia Spurek. Co-chairman of Ostra Zielenia, Young Polish Greens. Green activist focusing on animal rights and sustainability.

During the implementation of the project, we cooperate with our international partners We Animal Media, Essere Animali, L214.

The event will be translated into Polish sign language. The broadcast will take place on the Green REV Institute profile on Tuesday, October 25 at 18:00.