Round table – food waste

12 lutego 2023

The Future Food 4 Climate coalition initiated and coordinated by Green REV Institute and FoodSharing Warsaw invite you to a roundtable on food waste! This is another debate on the pillars of a sustainable food system, involving the local government, activists and third sector sides to discuss legislation and systemic change for building a Sustainable Food System!

During the meeting with experts, activists, Future Food 4 Climate coalition partners and the local government side, we will discuss how to tackle food waste on a global and local level. According to a report by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), discarded food on a global scale could feed 1.2 billion people! At the same time, 3.1 billion people on the planet are deprived of access to a healthy and balanced diet. 

What role should local government play in the fight against food waste? How to build effective cooperation between the activist side, NGOs and local government on this topic? How to effectively raise the concern of food waste in the public debate? How to increase systemic accountability of local governments and why is it so important to connect the dots between human rights, animal rights, climate and biodiversity on food waste?

The roundtable will involve:
– Councillor Irena Fluder-Kudzia – Councillor of the City of Cieszyn, Vice President of the Board of the „Urban Current” Foundation. Educated as a social educator, environmental therapist, occupational therapist, assistant to a person with disabilities, hortiterapist. She works at the Centre for Mental Health in Cieszyn. Social worker, and activist, works on behalf of socially excluded people. She takes a keen interest in the problems of people, animals and the surrounding nature. Involved in the campaign to protect trees from felling and in the „Social movement – Save the trees in Cieszyn Silesia” campaign. She is interested in the topic of hunger and food waste in Poland and worldwide;
– Councillor Michał Braun – Councillor of the City of Kielce, practitioner and expert in public participation. He was a board member of the National Federation of NGOs, the Polish Council of Youth Organisations and president of the Regional Volunteer Centre in Kielce. Collaborates with NGOs in many countries in Europe, Asia and Africa implementing educational projects;
– Joanna Kowalczyk-Bednarczyk (FoodSharing Warsaw) – Biologist, PhD in medical biology, author of scientific publications and educational children’s books about animals. Member of the Association for Nature „Wilk” and the Association „Nasz Bóbr”. Active in Foodsharing Poland for the benefit of not wasting food. She writes for Vege Magazine and runs the blog Bieganism. Member of the Expert Council of the Green REV Institute;
– Daria Rogowska – Eco-educator and author of the blog Promotes a plant-based diet, ecology and the idea of zero waste. For several years, she has been running cooking workshops, teaching how to prepare delicious plant-based dishes. She shows that a plant-based diet is simple and does not require much time;
– Joanna Kądziołka (Polish Zero Waste Association) – Spokesperson and board member of the Polish Zero Waste Association. She is the originator and coordinator of the Zero Waste Festival and the educational campaign Wrzucam. I don’t throw away, postulating the introduction of a deposit system in Poland. She is the author of the #blisko project – zero waste maps created for the residents of Krakow (3rd prize, Climathon 2019). Works for the introduction of closed-loop economy principles in Poland;
– Natalia Boitot – Coordinator of the Food Trails project, which created the Warsaw Food Lab. She is also coordinating the project „Food Wave: Inspiring youth climate action”. As of 2019, she is Vice-Chair of the Food Working Group of the EUROCITIES Cities Network. She initiated and carried out a pilot to reduce food waste in city markets, a project that continues on an ongoing basis, in many markets in the city of Warsaw.
– Milena Kubiczek (Ruch zaNIEdbani) – Local activist, co-founder of Ruch zaNIEdbani. In her actions she connects the dots between climate, biodiversity, human and animal rights.

Wydarzenie will be interpreted into Polish Sign Language.