Roundtable #FishWelfare today!

13 grudnia 2022

We are meeting today as part of the II Roundtable #FishWelfare
The discussion will take place on the 6th anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court ruling on carp – a battle led by Attorney Karolina Kuszlewicz.
The scientific community, decision-makers and activists will discuss the impact of fish farming on the climate and the decline of biodiversity.

Bartek Sabela, Mec. Karolina Kuszlewicz, Dr. Dorota Suminska, Karolina Kubacka, San Kocoń, Roman Glodowski, Helena Latosinska will take part in another meeting on fish as so-called farm animals and the impact of animal husbandry on the environment.

We invite you to the broadcast on facebook Green REV Institute.

Photo: unsplash