Science says: veganism will save the world

26 lipca 2023

A recent study by the University of Oxford in the UK shows that veganism, compared to diets high in meat consumption, reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 75%, and contributes to reduced water pollution and soil depletion. The study also indicates that veganism cuts the loss of wildlife by 66% and reduces water consumption by as much as 54%.

This is yet another report that has been published in recent weeks (on 28 June, the SAPEA report ’Towards sustainable food consumption’ was published on behalf of the European Commission), which indicates that a switch to a plant-based diet is essential in dealing with today’s and tomorrow’s crises associated with the current food system, which is unsustainable.

The results of the study were published as part of an article in Nature Food on 20 July 2023, and the study’s leader himself, Professor Peter Scarborough of Oxford University, stressed that reducing the amount of meat and dairy in the diet could have a big impact on the food footprint we produce.

Photo: Unsplash