Speeding up positive change!

10 grudnia 2022

At the invitation of Party for Animals, Green REV Institute is participating in the conference: Speeding up positive change! Animal Politics World Conference ” Taking Political Activism to the next Level”.

This year’s Animal Politics World Conference ‘Taking Political Activism to the Next Level’ is all about political activism and speeding up positive change for climate, nature, animals and people. During the upcoming conference on December 10th and 11th in Brussels, experts, politicians, activists, and NGOs from the Middle East, North Africa, EU, UK, the Balkans and Ukraine will gather to share their experiences and ideas on how to create positive change. Lectures, panel sessions and practical workshops will provide inspiration, knowledge and practical skills to take effective action for an ethical and inhabitable world.

In a panel on systemic action and systemic activism, we talk about Future Food 4 Climate – the first coalition for a just transformation of the food system in Poland, which already brings together 70 civil society organizations, our activities at the European Vegan Summit and REV values.