Stench, blood and tears – White Paper at FF4C Forum

15 listopada 2022

We will be discussing the publication by MEP Dr. Sylwia Spurek and the Green REV Institute with expert speakers at the 1st Safe Food Forum, already on November 19, in Warsaw.

„I dedicate this publication to all victims of the animal production sector – meat, dairy, egg. To the people living in the vicinity of farms, those at risk of poverty and condemned to unhealthy, unethical, unsustainable food. To the billions of non-human animals that the modern political and economic model turns into products, raw materials, objects of economic circulation. To the natural environment, which we call heritage, while every day we unthinkingly exploit, poison, and cause entire ecosystems to perish. To those who work on farms and in slaughterhouses, whose mental and physical health is compromised every day, who work in trauma, stench, pollution. At the same time, I thank all those on the streets, in the media, at universities, and in the courts who are fighting for a just, ethical, sustainable world.” Dr. Sylwia Spurek.

Photo: Andrew Skowron/ We Animals Media