Suwałki councilor Wojciech Pająk for vegan meals!

29 września 2023

Suwałki councilor Wojciech Pająk has submitted an interpellation on the right to vegan meals in educational institutions, the introduction of a local food policy in Suwałki to fix the food system!

The Suwałki Club for the Future councilor asks the local government to act on the availability of plant-based meals, act to build a city policy for healthy, sustainable food for the climate, health, people and animals.

Thanks to the actions of partner organizations Future Food 4 Climate Foundation’s Animals of No Man and Men Against Violence and activist Kazik Walijewski, Councilor Wojciech Pajak decided to start a local debate on the rights of schoolchildren and the right to vegan meals and the availability of healthy, sustainable food at the local level.

Credit: unsplash