The Future Food 4 Climate coalition already has more than 80 partners!

3 maja 2023

The Future Food 4 Climate (FF4C) coalition, the first food system transition coalition in Poland, already has more than 80 partners! The coalition, which brings together academia, civil society organisations and activist individuals, was established in November 2021.

Within the coalition, more than 1 / 3 of the partners were initiated and are led by individuals under the age of 35. The coalition consists of organisations, initiatives, collectives and informal groups from all over Poland. At the same time, FF4C has also brought together organisations from Ukraine and Germany. Our partners work in various fields from animal rights, biodiversity, student rights, women’s rights, LGBTQI+ rights, climate and education. Together we advocate for a sustainable food system, organise offline and online events, participate in debates, round tables and issue position papers, open letters to decision makers at local, national and European level. Together we are pushing the boundaries of public debate.

By the end of 2023, the coalition is expected to have 100 partners. 

Photo: Unsplash