The PMSG hormone, or suffering hormone

29 listopada 2023

The Green REV Institute, together with other civil society organisations from around the world, has been working for years to ban the production of the hormone PMSG. This hormone is extracted from the blood of pregnant mares and used as an aid to animal agriculture industry. PMSG is nothing more than a hormone to increase meat production and the mares are further victims of an unethical industry.

Watch a documentary that shows the truth about the hormone of suffering: LINK

A petition has already been launched in May, which is addressed to the Icelandic Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries. The petition can be supported HERE.

Iceland is planning to increase the production of the suffering hormone to up to 20 000 mares. At the moment, figures show the hormone being taken from the blood of more than 5 000 foaling mares. The petition is a united voice from the international community to stop the production and use of the suffering hormone PMSG altogether.

For more information visit the Animal Welfare Foundation website

Photo: We Animals Media