The right to plant-based meals. Meeting at the Ombudsperson’s office

22 lutego 2024

February 20, 2023. Deputy Ombudsperson Dr. Valeri Vachev met with representatives of the Environment/Climate Team of the „Our Ombudsperson” Initiative, Green REV Institute, Future Food 4 Climate, Parents for Climate and ProVeg PL Foundation.

The main topic of the meeting was access to plant-based meals in schools, kindergartens and health care facilities.The meeting, held at the Office of the Ombudsperson, was also attended by deputy director of the Administrative and Economic Law Team Lukasz Kosiedowski, chief outreach coordinator Adela Gąsiorowska, Malgorzata Zera from the Administrative and Economic Law Team and Anna Tomkiewicz from the BRPO’s Constitutional, International and European Law Team.

During the meeting, we discussed the issue of access to plant-based meals in schools and other public institutions from the perspective of the right to health and the right to a clean environment. They also presented the results of our 2022 study on the availability of plant-based meals in schools and systemic solutions implemented in other EU countries. We also presented the coalition’s Plant School program.

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Credit: unsplash